We are the software outsourcing company that primarily develops financial and banking software. High skills of developers, huge experience of managers, usage of the modern technologies leads to ability to implement even the most challenging products. At the same time locating the development center within Russian Federation allows us to offer very reasonable prices.

About us

Three years ago our company splitted from the one of the world leaders in HFT (high-frequency trading) software development. Now we are the world-class team capable to implement virtually any software project related to banking or finance while the rich experience of key team members lets us work in other areas. As in the past we spent a lot of time working in hi-tech consulting we can help you far beyond software development. For instance, at the preliminary stage of negotiations we can together create a financial model, estimate value of the project etc. We are the full-cycle partners - from idea to deployment.


Our team has a huge experience working with the following technologies:
  • development of complex information systems using state-of-the-art technologies based on Java platform.
  • integration with other enterprise solutions such as Miscroft Dynamics, CFT, Compass+ and others
  • enterprise applications development using PHP, Node.js
  • creation of error-free software using proof assistants like Coq

Our team

Our team consists on both the experiences gurus (sometimes with 20+ years of experience) and young but skilled engineers who are engaged into software developmemnt since high-school. The CEO works in IT for 20 years, for the long time acted as a project lead in such companies as Orc Software (now ITVT), Sun Miscrosystems, Oracle. You can learn more here.

Career with us

We are permanently expanding and looking for wold-class software developers, QA engineers, designers etc. We offer a competitive salary, interesting job, excellent opportunities related to the growth of the company, employment with strict compliance to law. The list of opened positions can be found here


64 B.Sampsonevsky pr., Saint-Petersburg, 194044 Russia,, +7 921 936 68 46

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